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Oh, Yeah, I Started a Blog

Happy 16-month anniversary of the last time I remembered that I had started a blog. Thanks to Big and Rish, who offer Word Press as a log-in to their blog, I found myself back here and quite disoriented.

So, for now, here is one of my favorite flowcharts:

From Drew at "Toothpaste for Dinner (


The Trouble with Facebook

I got in over my head with Facebook. I had hundreds of friends…that I just didn’t know.

And then something in my brain skipped.

I had someone make a snarky comment about a post I had made linking to a song on a web site called “Audioporn.” Normally, I wouldn’t much care, but she was someone who was a “strictly business” friend and I felt I had to pull down the link.

Then I came to this realization that its all just too much. Work friends, family friends, personal friends, casual friends, people-I-don’t-even-know friends. I don’t want all these people swimming around in the same pool.

I unfriended her. It was liberating. I unfriended all my business friends. It was uplifting. Then I unfriended everyone I don’t actually know. It was cleansing.

Then. I. Unfriended. Everyone.

It was — and is — mind-blowing.

I will refriend people…at some point…some day. When it’s time.

This is the Gas Can Monkey

You have found me and I have found you.